About his work:

His art focus on the nature of perceptionby creating optical illusions and/or perceptual uncertainty. He often uses light-filled rooms or installations to create his photographs. Looking at his work our eyes perceive change, small optical tricks occurring as we focus on different areas: space recedes, radiant colours advance, while we become aware of the slight variations in colour and texture, particularly a thread like veins throughout the surface of his works. For de Campos the spectrum of vibrant colorsis used in an emotive way to draw the viewer into an almost meditative state of mind.


By mixing photography to printing techniques and paint, de Campos manages to create multi-layered images, constantly pushing the boundaries of perception. Antonio has long been busy with the visual power and intensity of depth and perspective when engaged with a flat surface. Juxtaposing the physicality of his work with the suggestion of space, he creates a complex condition that suggests the formation of new environments. a suggestion and not a reality. An illusion, and not the truth.