The Silver Paintings Series for Zaha Hadid

For almost 25 years, Zaha was known as a paper architect, whose drafts never made it off the drawing board.  For decades she couldn't win a single commission, to a point the morale at ZHA's office started declining and she started to feel her drawings weren't communicating her thoughts about architecture.  

The ‘Silver Paintings’ are about 200 large size mix-media paintings, measuring 100cm x 200cm each. They are all a blend of digital and analogue techniques, rendered on to polished metal, and like painted mirrors they glow reflecting ambient light.  

These paintings are also an elaborate report of Zaha's highly productive life, during the late 90's and early 2000's.  Once she said  that despite many of these projects never seeing the light of day, the Silver Paintings were important and necessary for reflecting on a period when the computer has encouraged us to think about more complex forms. Often she observed the link between logic, maths, architecture, and abstract shapes in calligraphy. This connection has increased with technological advancement and digital simulations.

THE SILVER PAINTINGS exhibited at the Buchmann Galerie-Berlin, Guggenheim Museum New York, Chanel Pavilion at the IMA-Paris, Artist's studio