My artistic practice is driven by a conceptual exploration of building forms and the intricate nature of spaces. I am fascinated by the interplay between the inside and outside, and this fascination manifests in my artwork through a merging of representations. Rather than simply depicting buildings, some of my works evoke a sense of frozen air movement, capturing the dynamic essence of architectural structures.

 In my creative process, I continuously try to push the boundaries of digital and analogue representation techniques. Through constant experimentation, I have developed an understanding of the possibilities offered by these mediums. This knowledge allows me to create complex collages that incorporate various printing methods, foils, and spraying techniques. The result is a visual language that transcends traditional building representations, often resembling x-rays that flash with high gloss or shimmer with a multitude of colors.

Through my artwork, I aim to challenge viewers' perceptions of architectural spaces. I invite them to explore the intricate details and dynamics inherent in buildings, encouraging a fresh perspective on the relationship between the built environment and its surrounding context. By pushing the boundaries of representation and experimenting with different techniques, I strive to create visually captivating artworks that engage viewers and spark their imagination.

 Ultimately, my goal as an artist is to inspire contemplation and dialogue about the ever-evolving nature of our built environment. I invite viewers to join me on a journey of discovery as we delve into the complexities of architectural forms and spaces, unlocking new perspectives and connections along the way.


Design Museum-London
Design Museum-London
CHANEL-Art container IMA-Paris
CHANEL-Art container IMA-Paris











Ghost Artists: The Uncredited Creators Behind Famous Artworks

Within the realm of art, there exists a hidden phenomenon that often goes unnoticed—the presence of ghost artists. These talented individuals operate behind the scenes, pouring their creativity, skill, and effort into crafting magnificent artworks for renowned artists, yet their contributions remain uncredited and largely unknown to the public. Ghost artists, often employed by well-known figures in the art world, collaborate closely with established artists to bring their visions to life. They possess a unique ability to understand the artist's style, technique, and artistic voice, seamlessly blending their own talent with the creative essence of the artist they serve. In this symbiotic relationship, the ghost artist becomes an extension of the artist's creative process, breathing life into their ideas. Despite their invaluable contributions, ghost artists rarely receive recognition for their work. Their names are absent from the prestigious exhibition catalogs, museum plaques, and art publications. They exist in the shadows, humbly dedicating themselves to supporting the artistic success of others. Their artistry becomes intertwined with that of the celebrated artist, blurring the lines of authorship and creating an enigmatic aura surrounding the true origin of the artwork.

The reasons for this lack of credit can vary. Some artists may choose to maintain a singular public image, preserving the illusion of being the sole creator of their works. Others may overlook the significance of acknowledging the ghost artists due to a complex web of collaborations and commissions. And, unfortunately, there are instances where the ghost artist's contributions are intentionally obscured, denying them the rightful recognition they deserve. Nevertheless, the role of ghost artists cannot be understated. Their technical expertise, craftsmanship, and creative insight contribute significantly to the final artworks that captivate audiences around the world. Their dedication allows renowned artists to expand their artistic repertoire, experiment with new styles, and produce a larger body of work than would otherwise be possible.

It is important to shed light on the existence of ghost artists, not to diminish the artists they work alongside, but to honor and recognize the often-invisible creative minds behind these masterpieces. These talented individuals, with their own artistic aspirations and abilities, selflessly contribute to the artistic landscape, breathing life into the visions of others while sacrificing their own recognition. Next time we marvel at a famous artwork, let us remember that behind the brushstrokes and the sculpted forms, there may be a ghost artist, silently weaving their magic, enriching the artistic world without having the chance to be in the limelight. Our contributions deserve acknowledgment and appreciation, for we are the unsung heroes of the art world, shaping the legacy of celebrated artists and leaving an indelible mark on the history of art(and architecture too!).

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In December 2014, the Tokyo City Opera Art Gallery hosted a remarkable exhibition showcasing the highlights of Zaha Hadid's visionary work. It was an absolute delight for me to witness some of my creations for Zaha from the early 90s proudly displayed within this esteemed showcase.


Despite my immense gratitude for the opportunity to contribute to this extraordinary exhibition and dozens of others, regrettably, I couldn't find my name in the credits once again! I still appreciate the platform it provided to share my artistic journey with a wider audience. However, it is disheartening to not be credited for my work as an artist. Nevertheless, this experience served as a powerful reminder of the art's ability to captivate, provoke, and deeply connect with viewers, further fueling my passion for creating meaningful artistic expressions.