The „Silver Paintings“ Series for Zaha Hadid are comprised of 200 large size mix-media paintings, measuring 90cm x 200cm each. They are also a blend of digital and analogue media, rendered onto polished metal surfaces.  The quality of these mirror like coloured surfaces along with the placement where light will shine on them, allows me to exploit the moods of various types of lights resulting in a spectrum of unimaginable colours. 


They are also an elaborate journal of Zaha Hadid Architects highly productive practice, during the late 90's and early 21st century.  

Despite many of these depicted projects never seeing the light of day, the Silver Paintings were important and necessary for reflecting on a period when computer technologies encouraged us to think about more complex forms.  


The Silver Paintings have been shown in various museums and prestigious galleries across the Americas, Europe and Asia.


THE SILVER PAINTINGS exhibited at the Buchmann Galerie-Berlin, Guggenheim Museum New York, Chanel Pavilion at the IMA-Paris, Artist's studio