Born in Natal-RN/Brazil

Graduated as an Architect at UFBA-Brazil, 1985


For the past 20 years, Antonio has created hundreds of drawings, paintings, sculptures and reliefs for Zaha Hadid Architects. He is a permanent artist consultant at ZHA and direct collaborator to Zaha Hadid herself.

Many of his creations have been featured at ZHA's prestigious exhibitions around the world. 

Here are some highlights:
2005-Guggenheim Museum-NY,2005-Max Protetch Gallery-NY,2006-Design Museum-London,2009-Sonnabend Gallery-NY, 2010-Gmurzynska Gallery-Zurich,2010-Shaikh Ebrahin Center-Bahrain,2011-IMA-Paris, 2012-AIT-Cologne-Ger,2014-Tokyo City Opera House Art Gallery


1987- Emsemble/collective exhibition at MAM-Solar do Unhão,Bahia-Brazil 

1988-Galeria Os Cómicos-Lisboa-Portugal

1992-Great Utopia: Drawings and paintings for Zaha Hadid Architects for the Russian Avantgarde exhibition-Solomon Guggenheim New York-NY.

1992-Finalist for the exhibiton of selected works at“Spree Bogen competition”, Berlin-Germany

1994-“Last Shower”,Bockenheimer Anlage-6, Frankfurt-Germany

1996-High Speed and Flashbacks- Gallery Casanova Wiesbaden-Germany

2004-Kenny Schachter-Rove Gallery-London. Pantings for Zaha Hadid Architects.

2005-Solomon Guggenheim Museum New York-NY:Paintings for the Zaha Hadid retrospective

2006-Die Halle-Painting about Architecture,Frankfurt

2006-Buchmann Galerie Cologne- Paintings for ZHA

2007-Gallery La Viande-British Creative Exchange, Artistic License,Londres,UK.

2008-Lisbon Exhibiton at Parque das Naçoes for Zaha Hadid Architects.

2008-paintings at Jahrhundert Halle-Frankfurt, for Atelier RANG.

2009-Commision for designing a carpet/rug for Zaha hadid Architects

2010-Die Halle, LightShadows:Vortrag for Wolfgang Rang, Frankfurt, Germany

2010-sculpture/element for Hyundai Daego store ZHA-Seoul Korea

2011-Ceiling Sculpture for ZHA-Chicago-USA

2011-Relief-LUNAR and paintings for ZHA, exhibited at Gmurzinsca Gallery-Zurich-Switzerland

2012-Buchmann Galerie Berlin, paintings for ZHA

2012-Studies and installation-The Petal Room, for YabuPushelberg New York and Toronto.

2013-Reina Sofia-Madrid. Paintings for Zaha Hadid Architects.

2014-Tokyo City Opera Art Gallery. Paintings for  ZHA


Academic work: Lectures and workshops at FH-Frankfurt-Germany, Staedelschule-Francfurt-Germany, TU-Berlin-Germany, Universität Salzburg-Austria, UFBA-Brazil, UNIFACS-Brazil, University of Malaya-Malaysia and The University of Sydney-Australia.